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The Women's Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) is committed to attaining economic human rights for all people. In a land of abundance, there is no reason anyone's basic human needs should not be met. WEAP is diligently working to organize the poor, low-income workers, and unemployed into a movement to achieve a vision of a world without poverty and despair, a world that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of in his Poor People's Campaign of 1968.


 "One year ago, Wells Fargo Bank foreclosed on King's house after she struggled to catch up on mortgage payments she had missed during the Great Recession. "Suddenly, people in Berkeley weren't taking tennis lessons," she explained. King scrambled to make a deal with the bank to stay in her house. She applied for California's Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program, a state-run, federally funded form of temporary financial assistance. She was denied..."

 OAKLAND — The orgy of monied interests (the class interests of the one percent) represented by the struggle and negotiation taking place between technology giants, real estate moguls, speculative banksters and state interests represents an attempted reorganization of what we refer to as the Bay Area into a new symbolic location referred to as the Silicon Valley Bay Area.



From our brothers and sisters at Just Cause/Causa Justa: Thanks to the thousands of you who signed the petition, all of you who made calls and emails to City Council in the last week; and those of you who stayed till midnight sharing testimony and witnessing the Council vote on this issue late into the night.

Mateo Nube, co-director of Movement Generation said "If President Obama's State Department is going to repeat the fictitious lies of the extreme energy industry, then we are going to use fictitious humor to tell the truth." In particular, the video dismantles the false division between a strong economy and a clean environment.