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The Women's Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) is committed to attaining economic human rights for all people. In a land of abundance, there is no reason anyone's basic human needs should not be met. WEAP is diligently working to organize the poor, low-income workers, and unemployed into a movement to achieve a vision of a world without poverty and despair, a world that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of in his Poor People's Campaign of 1968.

While I could point to several circumstances showing how what transpired that summer amounted to nothing less than a military coup, I merely need cite the report released by the Honduras Truth and Reconciliation Commission two years after the fact.
This has been the driest year in recorded history. The Sierra snowpack is 12% of normal. Delta water may be unavailable for many Central Valley farmers. In some counties ground levels are sinking as groundwater is pumped out. With fields left unplanted, up to 20,000 farm workers won’t have work this year. School districts will lose money as children move with their families in search of work.

Maureen Taylor, State Chair of MWRO, speaks at Netroots Nation panel on 'Fighting for Democracy After Emergency Manager Takeovers in Michigan.' She discusses the national narrative going on to depict Detroit residents in a way that makes it easier to blame them for poverty, and makes it easier to agree that they should not have water and other essentials for life.

Check out this page to learn about Rev. Pinkney and his struggle against fascism and privitaization in Benton Harbor, the Water Struggle, Emergency Financial Managers and the struggle for democracy and freedom of the People of Detroit as they stand up and say NO to Austerity.